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Saf Guard

SAFGUARD -Universal Mechanical Safety Tester

Attachment Strength tests for all accessories
Total Product Mechanical Safety Solution

In order to meet more and more stringent standards & regulations as well as requirements by major retailers in product mechanical safety, SafGuard can do for you to supply with a complete line of mechanical safety testers mainly used for children garment, footwear & toys.

Standards Reference
BV, JAPAN product Liability Law, ASTM F963, EN 71, M&S P115A (for snap), P115 (for button), ASTM D4846-96 and many others.

Test Interpretation
There are many different test interpretations. Snaps, for example, are tested to withstand an attachment strength of 17 pounds (or 7.73Kg) for 10 seconds. If not, it is deemed to be unsafe.

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Colour Assessment Cabinets

VeriVide Colour Assessment Cabinets (CAC)

Verivide CAC range creates the perfect alternative to natural day light. With the use of Nine phosphorus and calculated to the CIE 52 standard, this cabinet produces the best fluorescent D65 daylight stimulator(VeriVide) with the highest colour rendering index (CRI) available to the colour viewing world.

The CAC range is suitable for all industries and applications where there is a need to maintain colour consistency and product quality. Eg; textile, food, automotives, ceramics, dyeing, cosmetics, footwear, furniture, ink, leather ware, ophthalmic, printing, packaging, and many more.

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Garment Check

Lock Inspection Systems

Lock Inspection Systems established in 1949, Lock Inspection Systems is a world leading manufacturer of Inspection Equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and packaging industries. Inspection equipment include metal detectors, checkweighers and combination systems.

The Garmentchek detector is the textile/apparel industry leader. This system has been specifically designed to enable the detection of broken needle tips or other ferrous contaminants during garment production.

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Pallet Trucks, Stackers

Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of hand pallet trucks, jacks, home pallet trucks and load binders under the XILIN brand. They are the first enterprise in the hydraulic crane trade and binder trade in China, to obtain ISO9002 certification.

* Pallet Trucks
* Fork Lift Trucks
* Table Lift Trucks
* Stackers

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Plastic Pallets

With the growing need for stacking and storing of goods,  usage of Plastic Pallets and Plastic Crates have replaced the conventional, messy wooden pallets, wooden boxes and jute bags. As a partner providing solutions to manufacturers and exporters, we have tied with Malaysia’s best and the biggest suppliers of Plastic Pallets and Crates to give the best quality offering to the market. Their revolutionary process involving recycling, injection and compression molding techniques, results in the manufacture of economical but superior quality pallets and we offer the highest diversified range of Plastic Pallets and Plastic Crates covering all industries.

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