Package Care Limited

Automotive Industry

3A Carmats was founded by an enthusiastic Singaporean entrepreneur in 2004 to make vinyl looped matting for cars.

3A now make a wide range of floor mats, which can be used in homes, commercial/industrial buildings, indoor/outdoor areas, in aircraft and even on cruise liners.

They have established overseas markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Qatar, Russia and New Zealand.

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Made in Singapore

Office Market

Introducing the No 1 selling mats in Singapore
For Residential or commercial use

* Entrance Lobby * Toilet
* Hallways / Passage ways * Kitchen
* Doors * Manufacturing/production
* Elevator * Reception
* Meeting Room * Staircase
* Swimming Pools * Any dry/wet /outdoor areas
* Offices

Use the Vinyl looped matting system that would truly preserve your premises from dust and dirt.

Made in Singapore