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Tea Bagging Machine

TECNOMECCANICA, Italy – Tea Bagging Machines

TECNOMECCANICA is a business enterprise born of inventiveness and a spirit of initiative.

This enterprising attitude has been a feature of the company throughout its history. With operations starting in the early 80s, with cardboard tray forming and gluing machines for fruits, vegetables and healthcare plaster cartoning lines, Tecnomeccanica has continued developing hi-tech packaging machines marketed the world over.

In the 90s, the company targeted at an important niche of the food market: machines which produce filter paper tea bags with string and tag.

The very special knowledge and skills required to design and develop this type of machines became a TECNOMECCANICA asset in 1993.

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Made in Italy


The T2 PRIMA tea bag machine produces tea bags made of heat-seal filter paper with a string and tag for both traditional and herbal teas.

Production speed : 250 tea bags per minute.

Production Capacity: Max 250bags/min

Bag Size: (Inner) 50 x 65 mm | 75 x 90 mm

Weight: 320kg

Features of the T2 PRIMA machine include its modular construction, exceptionally small footprint, continuous automatic cycle, right up to tea bag cutting and minimal number of components allowing reduced deterioration and less maintenance.


The new, revolutionary, high speed T10 CONTINUA machine produces double chamber teabags with string and tag, made of heat-seal filter paper, for traditional teas, herbs and other infusion products. A Heat Seal envelope facility is included.

Production speed is up to 500 teabags/minute, on a continuous operational cycle.

The continuous operational cycle of the T10 machine, goes up to the teabag counting and stacking.

FUSO, Japan – Triangular teabag machines

The triangular tea bag is now very popular and a highly sought after product not only in Japan but also all over the world. This new concept has prompted our customers to come up with innovative ideas in their own products. It is made of nylon, corn starch or non-woven fabric that allows tea leaves to diffuse its flavor and fragrances more quickly and easily. The ultrasonic sealing & cutting method does not require the time consumption that used to be a necessity in the original heat-sealing method, for the temperature adjustment and cutting blade exchange.

Thanks to the precise scale system, large materials such as tea leaves and herbs can be weighed and fed with high accuracy.

NASA Corporation is the pioneer of producing the PYRAMID TEA BAG. Sealing is done in a sophisticated method, using ULTRA SONIC waves. The advantage of using the PYRAMID TEA BAG is that you can see the product in its original form.

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Made in Japan

FP-50S Triangular Tea Bag Packaging Machine


max. 50 bags/min


3-side Ultrasonic sealing

Bag size

50-80mm triangular pyramid

Machine dimension

670(W) X 800(D) X 1790(H) mm


320 kg


phase 200 V 1.5 kW


3 phase 200 V 2.2 kW (air dryer)

FP-100S Triangular Tea Bag Packaging Machine


80 bags/min


3-side Ultrasonic sealing

Bag size

50-80mm triangular pyramid

Machine dimension

820(W) X 970(D) X 2255(H) mm


450 kg


3 phase 200 V 2.5 kW


3 phase 200 V 3.7 kW (air dryer

FPG-SH Horizontal Triangular Tea Bag in Dual Packing


60 bags/min


3-side Ultrasonic sealing for inner bag, 3-side heat sealing for envelope

Bag size

(Inner)50-70 mm triangular pyramid Envelope: 80-100 X 95-115 mm

Machine dimension

2145(W) X 1115(D) X 2450(H) mm


1080 kg


3 phase 200 V 2.2 kW


3 phase 200 V 5.5 kW (air dryer)

FW-100SA Load-cell Weigher

Load-cell weigher is composed with a pipe cutout feeding system and a load-cell measuring system. There is a device for error compensation that provide consistent accurate measurement and ease to incorporate with any kind of packaging machine.


max 10g (50cc bucket)


Load-cell measurement


max. 100 times/min


+/-0.15 g (depends on materials)

Machine dimension

500(W) X 700(D) X 1000(H) mm


75 kg


1-phase 100 V 0.4kW

Over Wrapping Machine

Marden Edwards UK – Over Wrapping Machines,

Marden Edwards Limited, established for over 40 years, is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of wrapping and packaging machines equipment. Over 8500 overwrapping systems have been manufactured in their factories in the UK and Germany and installed in over 150 countries worldwide

A complete range of overwrapping machines, otherwise known as cellophane wrapping machines, and packaging equipment is available covering a wide range of product sizes and production speeds.


  • Speed up to 45 packs per minute
  • Wide range of pack sizes and types
  • Longitudinal seal on base of pack
  • Straigntforward changeover procedure
  • Simple maintenance and low running costs

B series

  • Speed up to 55 packs per minute
  • Wide range of pack sizes
  • Large range of pack types and collation formats
  • Longitudinal seal on base of pack
  • Straightforward changeover procedure
  • Simple maintenance and low running costs
  • PLC control and diagnostic display

BX series

  • Speed up to 65 packs per minute
  • Wide range of pack sizes
  • Large range of pack types and collation formats
  • Longitudinal seal on base of pack
  • Rapid, de-skilled product size change
  • Simple maintenance and low running costs
  • PLC control and diagnostic display

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Made in UK


Universal Pack, Italy – Form, Fill Seal machines

Universal Pack is leading designer and manufacturer of automatic, multilane vertical and horizontal form fill & seal sachet machines and complete packaging lines.

Universal Pack machines are supplied worldwide in a broad range of industries: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, etc.  Over 70% of their production is exported.  With over 40 years of well-established experience, Universal Pack machines are appreciated for being:

  • high-quality, extremely efficient, and reliable
  • low maintenance, highly mechanically resistant
  • minimal wearing of parts

Universal Pack also prides itself on excellent customer service and quick response times.


The benefits that our machines will bring your products are as follows:

Aroma Control

Tamper Evidence

Product Appeal

Cost Reduction

On-pack Promotion

Enhanced Security & Product Protection

Extended Shelf -life

Carton Forming Machine

“F50″ and “F30″ machines automatically form cartons, with the options of with or without lid, from flat blank utilizing hot melt glue.

  • Quick dry hot melt glue is applied by spray guns and the flow of glue is controlled by maintaining its’ viscosity at a controlled temperature.
  • The production output is adjustable from 30 to 70 cartons per minute, depending on the carton size and the quality of the cardboard
  • They can be integrated in automatic sachet lines, conforming to the required speed


Technical specification

MOD. F50


Range of

carton size:

– A = length

from mm 90 to 220-300

from mm 200 to 400

– B = width from mm 70 to 150 from mm 100 to 200
– C = height from mm 25 to 120 from mm 50 to 200
Accepted carton type: – Plain cardboard from 250 to 350 gr. sq.m. from 350 to 600 gr. sq.m.

– Corrugated microwel

cardboard, thickness

from mm 1,5 to 3

from mm 1,5 to 4

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Made in Italy

Metal Detector

Lock Inspection Systems, UK – Metal Detection

Established since 1949, Lock Inspection Systems is a world leading manufacturer of Metal Detection Inspection Equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and packaging industries – metal detectors, checkweighers and combination systems.

Lock Inspection Systems have achieved a reputation for consistent quality, advanced technology and unparalleled service support. This is due to their continuous and extensive research, development and training programmes.

Short lead times, modular design and excellent availability of spare parts, coupled with quality customer service allows Lock’s customers to:

  • Maximise production up time
  • Optimise self-sufficiency
  • Enable their customers to comply with, and exceed legal and consumer demands for safety

Lock Inspection Systems headquarters, technical, and research and development facilities are based in Oldham in the UK. All systems are manufactured either in the UK or in their plant in Massachusetts, USA. They have subsidiary companies in France, The Netherlands which includes Lock’s European Service Centre and a Asia Pacific Regional Office based in Australia, elsewhere, they work through distributors in over 50 countries world-wide. All of their distributors are trained and supported to ensure that Lock’s customers are fully served wherever you operate.

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Made in UK

Strapping Machine

Extend, Taiwan – Strapping Machines

EXTEND was founded by Mr. Robert Lai in 1986, as a market- driven supplier of packaging machinery. Utilizing the creative ideas and firm belief in management, EXTEND has obtained a great reputation for being at the forefront in packaging equipment globally.

Together with professional manufacturing processes, efficient customer service, enthusiastic sales team and strong passion in extending partnerships, the marketing network of EXTEND has been expanding worldwide and now reaches almost hundred countries.

As an approach to offer the most innovative and profitable products to market, Extend is determined to keep expanding the existing range and develop the business hand in hand with all their partners. Furthermore, what EXTEND value the most is to Extend the partnership relation with their clientele.

EXS 306

* Strap Width 5-15 Mm
* Speed 2.5 Sec/Strap
* Power Supply 100, 110, 220, 230, 240v., 50/60hz., 1-Phase
* Power Consumption 0.4kw
* Machine Tension 5-55kgs
* Machine Dimension 895mm(L) X 565mm(W) X 740mm (H)
* Machine Weight 100 Kgs

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Made in Taiwan

Pallet Trucks, Stackers

Ningbo, China – Pallet Trucks, Stackers

Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of manual & electric pallet trucks, manual & electric stackers, manual & electric lift tables, load binders & forklifts. The total area for production is 135000 square meters, with 89000 square meters of plant area. By 2007, Ningbo Ruyi has established business relationships with more than 135 countries and regions because of its good quality products and most attractive prices.

* Pallet Trucks
* Fork Lift Trucks
* Table Lift Trucks
* Stackers

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Made in China