Package Care Limited


State-of-the-art Workshop

PCL Solutions can boast of having a state-of-the art workshop equipped with the latest testing and repair equipment in the industry. We understand our customers’ needs and have geared ourselves to meeting their demands.

Bonded Warehouse

PCL Solutions was the first to offer its customers ex-stock delivery of key packaging materials, thus giving exporters of all sizes an equally efficient service. The Bonded Warehouse provides just-in-time delivery, eliminating the need to maintain large stocks.

Manufacturing Consultancy

As PCL Solutions is part of a larger manufacturing environment, we offer our customers advice on machine layout, capacity calculation and supporting equipment utilizing our group resources, proving customers with a one-stop-shop service and rapid turnaround.


Gourmet Food Safety Consultancy

PCL Solutions has partnered with Singapore based food safety consultancy group, Gourmet Food, offering Sri Lankan manufactures advice and auditing to an international standard.

Gourmet Food consulting offers:

* Customized food safety consultation
* Customized food safety & hygiene training, audit services for food & beverage companies
* Implementing food safety management systems
* Implementing laboratory setup services

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Adhering to International Food Safety Standards such as ISO22000:2005, SAC HACCP, RvA HACCP, SS 444 HACCP, BRC & GMP & other food hygiene requirements.