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Health Care Division teamed up with the innovative Australian manufacturer – Ultimate Agri Products, Auqatain Pte. Ltd to introduce a “Non-chemical action” product for mosquito control – Aquatain AMF™. The unique physical action of Aquatain kills mosquitoes in all stages of life.

Aquatain is the only product which was tested by Medical Research Institute – Colombo National Aquatic Resources Agency (NARA) and the University of Peradeniya.

Aquatain, Australia – Mosquito Control

Made in Australia

What is Aquatain?

Aquatain is a unique silicone-based liquid which spreads across the water surface, forming a very thin film and greatly reducing evaporation. The concept of a monolayer is not new – it’s been known for many years that some industrial alcohols can reduce evaporation in this way, but alcohols degrade very quickly and must be re-applied every couple of days. Aquatain uses the same concept, but with advanced materials to greatly improve its performance and longevity. Aquatain can be used anywhere there is a requirement to reduce evaporation:

  • Drinking water storages
  • Farms, dams
  • Mining dams
  • Golf courses
  • Even swimming pools


What about the effect of waves and strong winds?

Wave action and strong winds can disturb the Aquatain film temporarily, but the silicone lattice will re-form when the wind drops.

Is Aquatain cost-effective?

Trials have confirmed that the water savings from using Aquatain far outweigh the costs. With water prices likely to escalate in many areas, Aquatain will become even more cost-effective.


Environment & safety

Is Aquatain safe?

Yes, it is! Silicones are used in hundreds of applications including water-repellent sealers, hair conditioners and lipsticks. They are also used to reduce foam in commercial food applications and as non-stick sprays in the baking trade.

An independent water quality report has concluded that:

  • Aquatain added to the surface of water bodies does not affect the chemistry of the water.
  • the film of Aquatain does not prevent the water from oxygenation.
  • There is no evidence that aquatic life suffers a negative effect.
  • Aquatain does not produce any effects that would be deleterious to potable water quality.


Apply Aquatain

How much Aquatain do I need to apply?

If applying Aquatain manually, we recommend an application rate of 2 litres per hectare every 10 days. If using a dosing unit (see below), the settings are calibrated to release approximately this amount.

What are drum sizes available?

Aquatain is available in:

  • 2.5 litre and 5 litre drums (selected stores only)
  • 20 litre drums
  • 110 litre drums
  • 200 litre drums
  • 1,000 litre IBCs


How do I apply Aquatain?

Aquatain can be applied by simply pouring it directly from the drum on to the water. It will spread rapidly across the surface.

However, to ensure regular dosing and to enable you to ‘set it and forget it’, two automatic dosing units are available:

The DS-1 is designed for storages with a surface area up to 1 hectare (10,000 square metres) and is operated by 2 x 1.5 volt batteries.

The DS-2 is designed for larger storages and is solar powered.

Each unit delivers a programmed dose at regular intervals.

DS-1 Dosing Unit DS-2 Dosing Unit

For storages greater than 20 hectares, aerial application is recommended.

Reports are available on request.

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