Health Care Industry

Plasma sterilization machine

Human Meditek, South Korea

Health Care division of PCL Solutions Ltd revolutionized the Sri Lankan low-temperature sterilization sector by introducing the country’s first ever Plasma Sterilizer back in 2008 which sterilizes highly sophisticated, heat-sensitive surgical instruments at low temperatures safely.

We offer the total solutions for all kinds of other sterilization needs including high-temperature steam sterilization, dry heat sterilization, air & liquid sterilization with UV and food sterilization.

Strong lumen claim
The HMTS plasma sterilizers have been validated for hard lumen with various sizes.

Speed cycle time
The HMTS plasma sterilizers offer faster cycle time of 35-40 minutes from the unique and outstanding technologies. The faster cycle enables your sterile storage and staffs organize daily schedule easy and bring you with the higher efficiency for your operation on time.

Safe process and by-products
The HMTS plasma sterilizers provide you with its unique technology of cracking the residual hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, which fully guarantees safe for your staff as well as environment.

Sensible running cost
The HMTS plasma sterilizers have a reasonable cost per cycle, excellent load efficiency (for its total volume), and you ultimately can save time and effort for its faster cycle time.

  Made in Korea



Size Width 29.5in (750mm)

Height 65.7in (1670mm)

Depth 32.9in (835mm)

Weight 947 lbs (430 kg)
Display 5.7″ Touch screen and audible alarm & voice
Data management 32 MB memory card



Rimec, Italy – Passive Rehabilitation

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  Made in Italy

From continuous passive motion machines, to heat sensitive thermo plastics, the Health Care division of PCL Solutions offers occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and orthoptists and prosthetists revolutionary high tech products and materials to speed up rehabilitation.

Fisiotek LT passive mobilization of shoulder
Fisiotek 2000 E passive mobilization of kneehip
Fisiotek 2000 G/GS passive mobilization of kneehip
Fisiotek 2000 N passive mobilization of kneehip
Fisiotek 2000 T/TS passive mobilization of kneeanklehip
Fisiotek HP2 passive mobilization of shoulderelbowwrist
Hal3000 & AS20 plaster room
KR2000 orthopaedic first aid

RIMEC has been manufacturing equipment for passive mobilisation since 1987. Today RIMEC is acknowledged as one of the reference sector’s most qualified manufacturers.

This apparatus mobilizes the knee and hip through flexo-extension movement.

Fisiotek LT

Fisiotek LT is an appliance that allows the shoulder to undergo passive mobilization with different movements. This model is characterized by its simplicity, ease of handling and quality of movement. The positioning of the patient is an easy and smooth operation.


Movements carried out on the shoulder:

  • Elevation during flexion, range: 0°÷ 180°
  • Internal-external rotation, range: 90° ÷ 0° ÷ 90°
  • Adduction-abduction: complete physiological range
  • Input: 12V DC 50/60Hz – 4.8W
  • Electric safety: Class II B Standard EN 60601-1
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: Group 1 Class B Standard EN 60601-1-2
  • Classification according to EU Directive 93/42: Class II a
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • The instrument is compliant with the applicable basic requirements for safety, health and protection established by EU Directive 93/42.


External power supply:

  • Input: 100 ÷ 240 V AC – 50 ÷ 60 Hz
  • 400mA output: 12V DC – 1.25A programmable function
  • Speed
  • Range of movement: adjustment by electromechanical limit switch


Whenever joint movement needs to be restored passively in both surgical and non-surgical pathologies,

  • Because it is simple, manageable and easy to transport.
  • Because it allows the patient to be easily positioned.
  • Because it is stable and accurate.


Passive mobilization of kneehip

Fisiotek 2000 G / GS

These two apparatuses mobilize the knee and hip and through the flexo-extension movement.

As is true for the other apparatuses in the Fisiotek 2000 line, a continuous current motor controlled by an electronic card with microprocessor operates them. On the outside is a fixed keyboard with which each function can be programmed, and a movable keyboard that lets the patient stop and starts the movement by using the STOP and START pushbuttons that have the same function as those on the fixed keyboard.

The limb positioning area is on the top of the apparatus. It can be adjusted depending on the various sizes of limbs. In order to adjust it, you must know the length of the patient’s femur. The apparatus can accept limbs having femur lengths of 32 to 46cm, which correspond to a patient’s height of approximately 140 to 190cm.


  • Power supply: 85 ÷ 260V ~ 50÷60 Hz
  • Electrical safety: Class I B EN 60601-1 Standard
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: Group 1 Class B EN 60601-1-2 Standard
  • Classification according to EU 93/42 Directive: Class IIa
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Flexo-extension movement of the knee amplitude from -5° to 110°
  • Extension speed from1,5 to 3,5°/sec
  • Flexion speed from 0.8 to 4.6°/sec
  • Force from 0 to 40 kg
  • Work time
  • Automatic angle of extension increase
  • Automatic angle of flexion increase
  • Pause during extension
  • Pause during flexion
  • Warm-up cycles (only Fisiotek 2000GS)



  • Protheses and ligamental plastics of the knee and ankle
  • Protheses of the hip and knee
  • Reparative surgery of the extensor apparatus of the knee
  • Hip and knee osteotomy
  • Re-education in arthral fractures of the hip and knee
  • Synovectomy
  • Simple arthrolysis or with broad muscular disinsertions
  • Meniscectomies and meniscus sutures
  • Because it is a cutting-edge instrument in the passive rehabilitation sector.
  • Because the completeness of the parameters available makes it possible to personalize the rehabilitation session in the most optimum way.
  • Because it uses the Memory Card (model GS).
  • Because the special asymmetrical structure of the frame (right/left) grants easy and correct positioning of the patient’s limb so as to allow for true coincidence between the mechanical articulations and the patient’s joints. This way the mechanical stresses derived from the movement are discharged onto the mechanical part and not onto the joints. This makes the movement more comfortable and makes it easier for the patient to relax.

Radiation Protection

Teaming up with a leading manufacturer in USA – Pulse Medical Inc.,™ the Health Care Division of PCL Solutions provides high quality radiation protective accessories from a variety of Lead Aprons to the most high tech non lead Earth LITE – material which provides the same 98% attenuation as lead but light as a feather! The only Sri Lankan CDDA approved lead accessories marketed in Sri Lanka.

Pulse Medical, USA – Radiation Protection

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  Made in USA


Orfit Industries is a pioneer in inventing and manufacturing low-temperature thermoplastics for the usage of physical rehabilitation, patient immobilization, and for the usage of Orthoses and Prosthetics.

Based in Belgium, Orfit exports their products to many countries in order to increase the quality of rehabilitation treatment, worldwide.

Orfit, Belgium – Rehabilitation

  Made in Belgium

Physical Rehabilitation

Orfit Industries develops and produces splinting materials that offer the highest possible performance to both therapists and patients in physical rehabilitation.

Physical Rehabilitation-Splinting Materials

Aquafit NS Soft – The Beauty of Crystal White

Aquafit NS has an exceptionally pleasing white surface. The material is suitable for a very wide product range. It is an excellent choice of splinting material for splints both large and small. When the coating is removed, all attachments can be placed with ease.

Orfit Eco – The Solution for Tight Budgets

Orfit Eco is extremely well suited for large and/ or rigid splint fabrication. It is a great product for elbow, forearm, wrist, ankle, and even back supports as well as anti-spasticity splints, long arm splints and lower extremity splints.

Splinting Accessories

Cogged Scissors
Cogged pair of scissors with return spring to cut sheets up to 3.2 mm (1/8″).

Art. no. : 35064

Deburring Knife
To smoothen splint edges. Ideal to finish splints made of non-perforated material in a fast and efficient way. Two blades are inside the handle.

Art. no. : 35307

Art. no. : 35307B10 (10 spare blades with straight cut)

Art. no. : 35307B20 (10 spare blades with oblique cut)

Accurate dynamometer, max. 600 g. Ideal to measure static and dynamic splint tractions. A ring is attached to one end, a clip to the other.

Art. no. : 35105

Eyelet Setter (Chrome Plated)
To set eyelets in leather, fixation straps and Orfit 1.6 mm (1/16″) and 2.0 mm (1/12″). Is supplied with 100 pieces of 7 mm (9/32″) eyelets.

Art. no. : 35134

Art. no. : 35137 – 200 eyelets of 4 mm (1/6″) diameter.

Spring Coil Pliers
Full round nosed pliers for turning spring wire into the coil with a diameter of 5 mm (3/16″) to 10 mm (25/64″).

Art. no. : 35140

Strong Scissors
Strong cogged pair of scissors with return spring to cut sheets from 2.0 mm (1/12″) to 4.2 mm (3/16″).

Art. no. : 35065

Suspan 1
Large water bath in stainless steel. With electric thermostat, lid and water drainage. 3 set temperatures.

Temperature range : between 65°C (149°F) and 95°C (203°F).

Inner dimensions : 620 mm x 500 mm x 100 mm (24 3/5″ x 19 7/10″ x 4″).

Water content : approximately 20 l.

Art. no. : 35096

Suspan 2
Small water bath in stainless steel. With electric thermostat and lid.

Temperature range : between 65°C (149°F) and 95°C (203°F).

Inner dimensions : 500 mm x 295 mm x 100 mm (19 7/10″ x 11 3/5″ x 4″).

Water content : approximately 10 l.

Art. no. : 32500/0

Art. no. : 703011

Hook and Loop Tape

Padding – Edging Strip

Sizes : 3000 mm x 20 mm x 0.8 mm (118″ x 4/5″ x 1/31″).
(natural colour)

Padding – Luxofoam Non-Perforated
Luxofoam is a self-adhesive soft PVC foam used for padding of small surfaces. It does not detach when heated in water, and can, therefore, be used for prepadded splint applications.

Sizes : 97 cm x 49 cm x 3 mm (38 x 1/5″ x 19 3/10″ x 1/8″).

Art. no. : 35110

Padding – Luxofoam Perforated
Luxofoam is a self-adhesive soft PVC foam used for padding of small surfaces. It does not detach when heated in water, and can, therefore, be used for prepadded splint applications.

Sizes : 97 cm x 49 cm x 3 mm (38 1/5″ x 19 3/10″ x 1/8″).

Art. no. : 35112

Padding – Orfilastic

Orfilastic is a terrycloth lining material with a backing of self-adhesive open cell foam. Used for covering large splint surfaces to prevent and absorb perspiration. Easily removable with lukewarm water.

Sizes : 100 cm x 50 cm x 3 mm (39 2/5″ x 19 7/10″ x 1/8″).

Waste Management

Mediburn USA

The Health Care division was the first company in Sri Lanka to introduce portable dual chamber incinerators, manufactured by Elastec American Marine – USA back in 2008.

The Medi Burn is the ideal solution for customers who have limited space as it only requires an area of a 3-meter radius and does not emit visible smoke. Today PCL has supplied over 30 units to hospitals in Sri Lanka for both Government and Private Hospitals and leads the incineration process in this sector.

SmartAsh – Cyclonic Barrel Burner

SmartAsh uses what is specified by ISO Standards as a removable head or “open-end” drum. The measurement of this drum type is standard around the world. ISO 15750, published in 2002, traditionally identifies this drum as being 55 American Gallon.

  Made in USA

US Norm ANSI/ASC MH2-1985 • 22 1/2 in ± 1/16 I.D.

US Norm ANSI/ASC MH2-1985 • 22 1/2 in ± 1/16 I.D.

Mosquito control

Health Care Division teamed up with the innovative Australian manufacturer – Ultimate Agri Products, Auqatain Pte. Ltd to introduce a “Non-chemical action” product for mosquito control – Aquatain AMF™. The unique physical action of Aquatain kills mosquitoes in all stages of life.

Aquatain is the only product which was tested by Medical Research Institute – Colombo National Aquatic Resources Agency (NARA) and the University of Peradeniya.

Aquatain, Australia – Mosquito Control

  Made in Australia

What is Aquatain?

Aquatain is a unique silicone-based liquid which spreads across the water surface, forming a very thin film and greatly reducing evaporation. The concept of a monolayer is not new – it’s been known for many years that some industrial alcohols can reduce evaporation in this way, but alcohols degrade very quickly and must be re-applied every couple of days. Aquatain uses the same concept, but with advanced materials to greatly improve its performance and longevity. Aquatain can be used anywhere there is a requirement to reduce evaporation:

  • Drinking water storages
  • Farms, dams
  • Mining dams
  • Golf courses
  • Even swimming pools


What about the effect of waves and strong winds?

Wave action and strong winds can disturb the Aquatain film temporarily, but the silicone lattice will re-form when the wind drops.

Is Aquatain cost-effective?

Trials have confirmed that the water savings from using Aquatain far outweigh the costs. With water prices likely to escalate in many areas, Aquatain will become even more cost-effective.


Environment & safety

Is Aquatain safe?

Yes, it is! Silicones are used in hundreds of applications including water-repellent sealers, hair conditioners and lipsticks. They are also used to reduce foam in commercial food applications and as non-stick sprays in the baking trade.

An independent water quality report has concluded that:

  • Aquatain added to the surface of water bodies does not affect the chemistry of the water.
  • the film of Aquatain does not prevent the water from oxygenation.
  • There is no evidence that aquatic life suffers a negative effect.
  • Aquatain does not produce any effects that would be deleterious for potable water quality.


Apply Aquatain

How much Aquatain do I need to apply?

If applying Aquatain manually, we recommend an application rate of 2 litres per hectare every 10 days. If using a dosing unit (see below), the settings are calibrated to release approximately this amount.

What drum sizes are available?

Aquatain is available in:

  • 2.5 litre and 5 litre drums (selected stores only)
  • 20 litre drums
  • 110 litre drums
  • 200 litre drums
  • 1,000 litre IBCs


How do I apply Aquatain?

Aquatain can be applied by simply pouring it directly from the drum on to the water. It will spread rapidly across the surface.

However, to ensure regular dosing and to enable you to ‘set it and forget it’, two automatic dosing units are available:

The DS-1 is designed for storages with a surface area up to 1 hectare (10,000 square metres), and is operated by 2 x 1.5 volt batteries.

The DS-2 is designed for larger storages, and is solar powered.

Each unit delivers a programmed dose at regular intervals.

DS-1 Dosing Unit DS-2 Dosing Unit

For storages greater than 20 hectares, aerial application is recommended.

Reports are available on request.

Office Matting & Artificial grass

  • Entrance lobby
  • Hallways/Passageways
  • Doors
  • Elevator
  • Meeting rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Offices
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Manufacturing/production
  • Reception
  • Staircase
  • Any dry/wet/outdoor areas

Use the Vinyl looped matting system that would truly preserve your premises from dust and dirt.

Introducing the No. 1 selling mats in Singapore

For residential or commercial use

  Made in Singapore