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Herculan ME XR 3+2 sports surface are eco-friendly, seamless and cushioned multifunctional floors with combined elastic properties.

Herculan ME XR 3+2 sports surfaces meet all the latest European Standards for multipurpose indoor sports surfaces, the EN 14904:2006. Herculan ME XR 3+2 quality sports surfaces are accredited with the CE Certificate of Conformity. Herculan ME XR 3+2 systems are listed as certified and approved sports floors in the Dutch Olympic Committee’s sports flooring list. Herculan ME XR 3+2 sports floors are certified by the International Handball Federation [IHF], Herculan Sports Surfaces BV is also a FIBA Associate [FIBA].

Herculan ME XR 3+2 systems pass the German AgBB/DIBt emission tests and are rated as safe for indoor building materials.

This combi elastic, non-porous, seamless sports flooring system provides a high-performance system with excellent properties as required in most demanding sports.

Due to its high mechanical strength and elastic properties of the Herculan EX 800 thickness layer and the outstanding wear resistance of its Herculan PU 100 W or PU 145 top layer, this tough and durable system is also multifunctional.

All Herculan Sports Surfaces are easy to maintain and can be resurfaced quickly and economically when required.


In sync with all indoor needs.

MF sports floors are seamless, cushioned, multi-functional floors with point-elastic properties. MF sports floors are approved for use as a multi-sports surface for all indoor sports by ISA Sports, the Netherlands Olympic Committee, the Netherlands Sports Federation, International Handball Federation and also its Badminton court is approved by Badminton World Federation (BMF) for national level play.

The high-performance seamless surface of the MF system is non-porous, therefore hygienic and easy to clean. MF systems provide the optimum slide and slip resistance.

Due to the high tensile strength, tear strength and elasticity of the wear layer, this tough and durable sports floor can also be used for exhibitions, concerts, speech-days etc.

MF has been installed at Club Solaris for three badminton courts, Cricket Club of India (CCI) for one of the badminton court, Somaiya Vidamandir – Sakharwadi for a badminton court, Mumbai Cricket Academy (MCA) for two badminton courts and also Aga Khan Trust’s Diamond Jubilee International School for basketball Court.

All sports floors are easy to maintain and can be resurfaced when required.


Gym tile


Exceeding the weight of expectation.

Tuffloor is a specially formulated EcoFlex flooring that is ideally suited to Gymnasiums. Its biggest advantage lies in its high durability and excellent load bearing capacity, ensuring that one need not worry about any replacement for a long time. What’s more, instead of the entire surface, individual tiles can be easily replaced for specific heavy wear and tear areas. Making Tuffloor the final word of flooring for gymnasiums.

In addition to the latest fitness gear, now equip your gym with state-of-the-art flooring. Soft and durable at the same time, EcoFlex safety flooring is functional while still appealing to one’s aethetic sensibilities. Apart from its noise reduction properties, it also protects the sub-floor from dropped weights. It is perfect to exercise on, since it is easy on calved and ankles. All in all, making it the unbeatable champion for years to come.
All EcoFlex floors are easy to maintain and can be resurfaced when required.

Office Matting & Artificial grass

  • Entrance lobby
  • Hallways/Passageways
  • Doors
  • Elevator
  • Meeting rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Offices
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Manufacturing/production
  • Reception
  • Staircase
  • Any dry/wet/outdoor areas

Use the Vinyl looped matting system that would truly preserve your premises from dust and dirt.

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