About Us

One of the most innovative companies in Sri Lanka providing solutions to multiple industries. Having partnerships with over 40 global giants, today PCL Solutions represents the top most world class Machine manufacturers and material suppliers in the world as their exclusive agent for Sri Lanka and Maldives.

This has helped PCL to support key industries such as Apparel, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Green technology, Health care, Marine & Environment protection, Material handling, Sports flooring, Commercial flooring & Post-Harvest industry.

PCL was known as Package Care Ltd in mid-70’s but renamed as “PCL Solutions” in 2008 reflecting its diversifying portfolio having launched multiple innovative cutting-edge technologies to help many Sri Lankan manufacturers and exporters to gain much needed knowledge to compete effectively in global markets.

With factory trained staff, hands-on experience and in-house machining capability backed by round the clock service support truly encompass the unique concept of PCL being “One source many solutions” for many who need multiple products and services.

Today, PCL has benched marked itself as one of the most innovative solutions providers in Sri Lanka and has launched more than ten new technologies to Sri Lanka which includes the 1st Plasma Sterilization technology for hospitals, 1st Duel Chamber mobile incineration, CPM technology for Hospitals, 1st ever Wimbledon type sports flooring, Self-leveling liquid technology, 1st Nano liquid tint technology, tailored matting systems for automotive market and 30 models of plastic crates supporting multiple segments to name a few.