PCL Solutions introduces innovative flooring solutions made using state-of-the-art technology

02nd May 2017

PCL Solutions, an industry trendsetter, has always been at the forefront of introducing many innovative solutions across various industrial sectors. The introduction of Human Meditek plasma sterilization and first ever Mobile Incineration – Mediburn (a state-of-the-art sterilization method for hospitals and medical waste incineration), the Fuso pyramid tea bag machines, metal detectors are among many such innovations, presented to the market with the aim of proving nothing but the best to Sri Lankans. Thus, in keeping with this ethos and venturing to further diversify their expansive product portfolio and identifying a dire need in the industry, PCL Solutions introduced a range of innovative flooring products to Sri Lanka. Accordingly, PCL tied up with Herculan—one of the most accredited manufacturers of flooring products from Holland to introduce a range of modern flooring products for Tennis, Badminton, Basketball and play safe flooring for kids’ play areas.

Speaking about the latest introduction, Director of PCL Solutions, a member of the MJF Group, Mr Thushantha Karunanayake mentioned about the passion they have to identify areas that are niche and where they could contribute in developing various industries by leveling up their knowledge and setting higher standards in each sector they represent. The flooring solutions were launched due to the increasing number of injuries seen and children being affected by playing on tar courts and also to prevent long term injuries.

The Gateway College collaborated with PCL Solutions in constructing the first ever FIBA approved courts in Sri Lanka with the objective of providing state-of-the-art sporting facilities to students while ensuring safety.

Herculan flooring solutions are known for their safety standards and minimizing injuries on the field. Under this project, two outdoor basketball courts, in Gateway College, Colombo and Gateway College, Kandy were constructed. Further, the fully-fledged indoor sports complex of Gateway College, Dehiwala—a multiple complex comprising of netball, basketball and two badminton courts was refurbished using Herculan products.

Commenting on this initiative, Harshana Perera, Headmaster of Gateway College, Rajagiriya said, “We at Gateway always pay attention to improve our facilities and making sure that students excel in sports. More importantly we want to ensure that the game can be played safe, which is why we thought of improving our courts to minimize injuries. There is immense interest among students for sports activities such as basketball and we believe that sports too must adopt and evolve with new technology. Schools must look at it in a futuristic perspective. There is a responsibility for schools and institutions in making sure that children are free from injuries while engaging in sports. In that sense I think Gateway has taken the lead and I believe other institutions will also follow.”

The floor of any sports complex—be it indoor or outdoor—plays a vital role in facilitating a favourable environment for an individual to excel in the sporting activity he/she engages in. Hence, it is imperative that attention is paid to choosing the correct flooring material when constructing the sports complexes. Herculan sports flooring solutions deliver advanced safety features, as opposed to tar courts eliminating the risk of injuries due to slips or falls.

Herculan outdoor sports floors are eco friendly and multi-functional with point-elastic properties. Running seamlessly across a surface, they add an elegant finish with vibrant colours. Due to their high quality standards, these floors have been approved by ISA Sports, Olympic Committee of The Netherlands and The Netherlands Sports Federation, FIBA and IBF to be used as a multi-surface for all outdoor and indoor sports. The surface is non-porous and therefore is hygienic and easy to clean. Further, the floors are made to have a high tensile strength, tear strength and elasticity and are durable.

The indoor flooring material range of Herculan offers equally effective flooring solutions. They are wear-resistant, non-porous, impermeable and shock absorbent. Produced with a high mechanical strength, these floors are engineered to be secure and offer maximum comfort to users. The floor can be customised depending on the requirement of each sporting activity as well.

As a result of the development of the basketball courts in Gateway Colleges, the Sri Lanka Basketball Association had the opportunity to host the 3×3 South Asian Basketball Association qualifier for the World tour at Gateway College, Rajagiriya—a testament to the high quality of these courts being done.

Further to this, PCL Solutions will introduce flooring solutions for gyms, ship decks and Flogyene flooring (anti-bacterial flooring) for manufacturing plants. Flogyene flooring is vital for commercial plants as they eliminate bacterial growth and assist in maintaining hygienic conditions of a factory.

Being an effective solution provider, PCL Solutions is the exclusive Sri Lankan agent for many world-class suppliers of machinery and materials and caters to key industries in Sri Lanka, including food and beverage, apparel, automotive, green technologies and healthcare.

For more information of on PCL Solutions’ services please contact +94 11 482 2119 or +94 77 108 8763 or visit www.pclsolutions.lk

The basketball court at Gateway College, Colombo constructed using flooring material from Herculan

The basketball court at Gateway College Kandy constructed using flooring material from Herculan

The indoor court at Gateway College, Dehiwala constructed using flooring material from Herculan

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